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SuperNova 300W MultiPort GaN Charger

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Simplify your charging routine with the High Power 300W Multi-port GaN USB-C Charger. Designed with GaN technology for enhanced efficiency, this sleek and compact charger allows you to power up multiple devices simultaneously.

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High Power 300W Multi-port GaN USB-C Charger

The High Power 300W Multi-port GaN USB-C Charger is the latest solution for charging multiple devices simultaneously. With four dedicated ports, this charger allows you to conveniently power up your phone, notebook, pad, and more all at once. Say goodbye to the hassle of carrying multiple chargers and embrace the convenience of a single, powerful charging solution.

This charger is designed with efficiency in mind, utilizing GaN (Gallium Nitride) technology to deliver maximum power and fast charging in a compact form factor. With its high power output, it can even charge two Macbooks at the same time, making it an ideal companion for family vacations or business trips when you need to charge multiple devices on the go.

Featuring a sleek and modern design, this multi-port charger not only offers functionality but also adds a touch of style to your charging setup. Its compact size ensures easy portability, allowing you to conveniently take it with you wherever you need reliable and fast charging.

Product Specification:

  1. Weight: 258 g
  2. Size: 8.8cm * 5.5cm * 4.2cm
  3. GaN Technology: Utilizes Gallium Nitride technology for enhanced efficiency and power delivery.
  4. Charging Compatibility: Supports a wide range of devices, including phones, notebooks, pads, and more.
  5. Simultaneous Charging: Allows for simultaneous charging of multiple devices, making it ideal for multitasking and convenience.
  6. Compact Design: Sleek and compact design for easy portability and travel-friendly use.
  7. Safety Features: Equipped with built-in safety features such as over-current protection, over-voltage protection, and short-circuit protection to ensure the safety of your devices.
  8. LED Indicators: LED indicators to display the charging status of each port.

Experience the convenience and efficiency of the High Power 300W Multi-port GaN USB-C Charger. Simplify your charging routine and enjoy the ability to power up multiple devices simultaneously, making it an essential accessory for your everyday life and travel adventures.

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Elaine Choi - 18/10/2023

The SuperNova 300W MultiPort GaN Charger is a revolutionary charging solution that combines power, versatility, and efficiency. Its high power output, GaN technology, and MultiPort functionality set it apart from traditional chargers. Whether you're a professional needing to charge multiple devices simultaneously or a traveler seeking a compact yet powerful charging solution, the SuperNova charger delivers on all fronts. I highly recommend this charger for its exceptional performance and convenience, ensuring that all your devices are charged quickly and efficiently.

David Murry - 30/03/2023

I appreciate the SuperNova Charger's intelligent features as well. The built-in safety features protect my devices against overcharging, overheating, and short circuits, providing peace of mind while charging. The charger's compatibility with various voltage inputs (100-240V) allows for worldwide use, making it an excellent travel companion.

Calvin Licai - 08/02/2023

The SuperNova 300W MultiPort GaN Charger is a game-changer when it comes to fast and efficient charging. This powerful and versatile charger has transformed the way I power up my devices, offering an exceptional charging experience that meets all my needs.

The standout feature of the SuperNova MultiPort GaN Charger is its impressive power output. With a whopping 300W capacity, it delivers a high-speed charge to multiple devices simultaneously. Whether it's my laptop, smartphone, tablet, or even power-hungry gadgets like gaming consoles, the SuperNova Charger handles them all effortlessly, saving me time and keeping me productive.

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